Interior Design Home renovation Saint Alban de Roche (38)

Saint Alban de Roche 38 - 2022 - Nord Isère - < 45.000 EUR

Fabien and Nelly wanted to relocate in the same area. Unable to find a house in Saint Alban de Roche, they decided to have their first floor renovated and furnished by Floortje Interiors. Today, they feel like they have acquired a new home. Photo credit: Anna Vazeille


We opened up the kitchen to create a new open space overlooking the garden. Comfortable and functional on a daily basis, we renovated the kitchen to give an airy and pleasant atmosphere to this countryside home.


A truly open space where you can eat, cook, invite guests and do your homework... The color codes, which are used throughout the house, are soft and pure, with special attention to the wallpapers and the Dekton worktop by Consentino. Happy clients ready to spend some great moments with their family...