Interior Design Lyon and surroundings – Floortje Interiors

Our vision on Interior Design

We could fill our houses and hearts with a collection of beautiful things to have and still not have a home. We truly believe that every object, piece of furniture and color should be chosen, taking into consideration every piece, every emotion and every need. So you will never want to part way with it again. Our common goal: an elegant and relaxed environment where you can live and/or work for years.


Making the world more beautiful and more comfortable.
Ever since the creation of Floortje Interiors, we have been committed to designing exceptional, comfortable and functional spaces that provide lasting pleasure and well-being. Through a rigorous process and proven know-how, our priority is your satisfaction. All of our designs are crafted to the smallest detail. As a committed decorator, our goals are reached through our desire to offer eco-friendly solutions. We create softness, comfort and authentic luxury so that your space welcomes you with open arms… You will never want to leave. Making the world more beautiful and comfortable for you is what motivates us every day.